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I am a wedding and a portrait photographer based in London, my work is to capture a moment, and i do it the best i can. My style is specific for a wedding,  its a reportage/documentary way of capturing your personality and creating a lasting memory to keep forever , I love to tell a story through the images.



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I’m devoted to creating beautiful, genuine, artistic, personal, unique, and lasting imagery for you!

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In my wedding reportage work, I try to capture real moments unique to each wedding, I look to capture the true emotions and sensations that people feel. I always use ambient light to keep the realism of the scene. With my recent research in wedding photography, I find a similarity with the photo in the film with the light of the cinema just as the photographer, I look to document and capture everything just how I am in front of me. With my reportage I want to tell a story in every wedding, my photographs must transmit the same sensations and emotions to the viewer. I love the black and white photographs for strong contrasts between light and shadow.

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